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True Athlete Performance
Every athlete has the desire to be the best. With True Athlete Performance, they can improve their maximum potential through hard work, dedication, and a focus on proper form and technique. Established in 2009, True Athlete Performance boasts a management team with over 25 years of experience and an exceptional staff of trainers with degrees and experience in the field of sports performance enhancement. No matter what sport an athlete plays, True Athlete Performance specializes in teaching them how to move efficiently with power and precision, skills needed in any sport. Our programs have been specifically designed to work with athletes of all ages and skill levels to improve performance and ability.
What Sets True AP Apart?

1.The Most Qualified Staff! At True AP, we believe that our training staff sets us apart from any other competitor. All of our trainers hold at least one certification specifically to train athletes as well as the general populace, and our Management Staff are all Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists through the National Strength and Conditioning Association - the most respected certification in our field!

2.Personal Attention! Our group training programs average of trainer:athlete ratio of 1:6. This allows us to properly teach and examine each athlete in our program, assuring the highest quality of training and the best results.

3.Cutting Edge! Our company uses a wide variety of training equipment and the latest training techniques to constantly enhance our program. Also, we hold a staff training session every week so that all of our trainers can share new ideas and test equipment to keep our program at the top in the industry.

4.Sport-Specific! No matter what sport you play, True Athlete Performance will help get you to the top of your game. Our program teaches athletes to move efficiently with quick, powerful bursts, which is vital for any sport. Our trainers take the time to make sure each drill can be modified or focused to help an athlete with movements they will use in competition.

5.Personal Relationships! We believe that the reason our program has been so successful, training thousands of athletes every year, is the relationships we`ve built. These relationships are not only with the athletes, but with parents, coaches, and administrators as well. Please know that our staff can be approached with any questions or issues regarding our program, and we will do everything we can to make sure we are meeting your needs as our valued clients.

6.Teaching of Proper Form and Technique! While our program prides itself on keeping a very competitive and intense atmosphere, what sets us apart from other programs is the way we teach the athletes! Every client who comes through our program will receive hands-on instruction and tips to help them improve their running form and ability to generate power efficiently. This constant emphasis on form and technique allows our athletes to not only get in shape, but improve maximum potential!

7.AFFORDABLE! True Athlete Performance has consistently set the standard for giving the most value at the lowest cost. And, we continue to raise the bar, finding new ways to structure training programs so that price should never be a limiting factor for training with True AP.

PO Box 1413,, Ashburn, Virginia, 20146
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Added 2011/06/18
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